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Hi, everyone!  I’d like to tell you about something new on the site, “Tokyo Top 10″.  What is it?  It is your chance to show Tokyo here on Around Tokyo through your eyes.  On the first of every month (or thereabouts), after judging the photos we’ve received during the previous month, we’ll publish our favourite ten (10) photos.  If you have a camera, I’d love it if you could take part.  Anything about Tokyo (or one of the surrounding prefectures as we do cover everything “around” Tokyo) is eligible.  Landscapes, festivals, people, activities, portraits – you name it, are all welcome (Around Tokyo is a family site, so please keep that in mind).

Around Tokyo.net wants to show the world your pictures of Tokyo!  Submitting your photos is pretty easy! Just a few guidelines:

  • JPEG / JPG formatted files at the highest resolution possible are preferred. Please do not send any ZIP files as they will probably be targeted as spam by anti-virus software;
  • titles or descriptions of photos are very welcome;
  • email all submissions to tokyotop10pics-AT-gmail.com (just remember to substitute “-AT-” with the “@” mark.  Hopefully this will help to keep spammers away)

When submitting photographs, please keep the following in mind:

1)  Images and any accompanying text sent to tokyotop10pics-AT-gmail.comare sent with the understanding that they may be used on the Around Tokyo.net website.  However there is no guarantee that any one submission will make it onto the site (as we will be only showing ten photographs per month).  All decisions made by the webmaster are final;

2)  By sending in images, you are declaring that you are the author and sole owner of the copyright for that particular image and that it does not violate the rights of any third party nor breach any laws;

3)  Around Tokyo.net will do its best to credit those who wish to make it known that they submitted a particular picture, but names do get lost or mistaken on occasion.  If this happens please let us know as soon as possible.  If you do NOT want your name posted on the site, please state so when submitting the your photograph;

4)  Around Tokyo.net might use submitted photos for PR purposes to help promote the site;

5)  Submissions to Around Tokyo may be edited or formatted at the discretion of the webmaster, and;

6)  We cannot write back to everyone all the time.


Looking forward to seeing your pictures!


Around Tokyo.net


Tokyo is the home of drifiting and on April 18 and 19, it will host the Tokyo Drifting D1 Grand Prix.  The venue is Odaiba and it will be a really exciting event!  The Grand Prix will have solo runs as well as pair runs on the tight course.

So it will be fast and loud with the smell of the burning rubber!  If you are in Tokyo, and want to watch some of the best drift drivers in the country, this event will be absolutely fantastic.

If you want to learn more about the event, click that picture and head over to the official site!

The Sanja Matsuri is one of the biggest cultural events in Tokyo.  It is huge and goes for 3 days and attended by literally millions of people who come to see the 3 large mikoshi paraded through the streets.

It is an amazing event to attend, with all the crowds on the streets, the bands, the food supporting hundreds of years of history.

If you are in the city during the May when it is on, the Sanja Matsuri is a must see event!

One of the largest art shows in the world!  Design Festa is back with vol. 41 that will be held at Tokyo Big Sight in May, 16 and 17.

Design Festa is huge and has something for everybody.  There will be live music outside, and inside there will be lots of murals and other wall art being painted for your entertainment.  On top of that there will be an amazing amount of handicrafts and art on sale.  Plus expect to see some pretty bizarre stuff too!

The event is well worth a visit, so if you are in Tokyo make sure to put it in your calendar!  Click on the picture to go to the official website.

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