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Old and New by darwinfish105

Old and New by darwinfish105

Old and New is another great time-lapse video by popular YouTube cameraman, darwinfish105 and it centres around the areas of Shinbashi, Toranomon and Shiodome.  As the title suggests it is a collage of images that contrast the old along with the new that is often...
The coming storm

The coming storm

A few days ago Tokyo was hit by a very big storm.  It was truly an incredible sight.  With the thunder being heard from miles away, we knew a big storm was coming.  I thought it was time to photograph such an event, something I had never done before.  Grabbing my...
The case against Akihiro Suzuki

The case against Akihiro Suzuki

Akihiro Suzuki finally fronted the media and gave a public apology and explanation for his heckling of Tokyo Assembly member Ayaka Shiomura during her speech last week.  However, it was a poor effort filled with promises to reflect on his actions and countless words...

Around Tokyo is temporarily closing down

Around Tokyo is temporarily shutting down.  We’ll be making some, hopefully, big changes to how the website looks over the next few days and coming weeks … maybe even stretching into months that will make us a little more pleasant to look at.  Most of the...
Design Festa vol. 39

Design Festa vol. 39

Design Festa vol. 39 is the biggest art show in Asia.  It is art plus entertainment.  I left it feeling very satisfied and hope everyone who attended it felt the same.  It was big, it was huge and lots of fun.  This was its twentieth time, and from what I saw, it was...

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