In April 2012 Around Tokyo visited the Sumida river to participate in hanami.  And it was amazing weather for the event.  With cloudless skies and a high of 23`c, it was the perfect day.  Considering it was a weekday, it was surprising how full the parks were, people enjoying a walk or lunch under the trees.  Sumida park which is next to  the Sumida river, in the Shitamachi area of Tokyo, is always extremely popular for the event.  And it was even better if you were one of the cruise boats admiring the trees.


Sumida park is a great place to participate in hanami for a several reasons.  First, the cherry blossoms look amazing lining both sides of the river.  Second, Sensoji (or Senso Temple) is only a few minutes away back from the river.  Third, is that Tokyo Skytree provides an amazing backdrop.  It is an incredible place for those with a camera.  It is an incredible place to just enjoy hanami with the rest of the city.

If you are in Tokyo during the hanami season, head over to the Sumida river.  If you are lucky enough to get great weather, it will  make for a truly memorable experience.  It`s just amazing that we can get such an incredible experience in a huge metropolis like Tokyo.  It is just incredibly picturesque.  And being in the middle of the Shitamachi area, there is so much to see after a day at the park.  The famous temple Sensoji is only a few minutes away and Ueno station is only a few stops away by subway.  There are also many rikshaw drivers in the area that will be vying with each other to get your attention.

Access (to Sumida river)

Use the Ginza subway line to Asakusa and follow the signs (and crowds) from the station.  We have a Google map here to show you the area:

View Sumida park in a larger map

Picture gallery (pictures taken in April 2012)

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