The Second International Friendly Run

The Second International Friendly Run

Autumn is upon us and it is a great time for some outdoor activities.  For anyone with an interest in running the NPO Active International Association (a registered non-profit organization) is holding its second, “International Friendly Run”.  The first run was held last year and it was a great success with over 1000 participants taking part in the event.  Here is all the information about it:


The 2nd “International Friendly Run”

●Date and time: November 18 Sunday. Start at 9:00 am (rain or shine) ●Place of ceremony: “Taiyo no Hiroba” of Shiokaze Park


●Running course: Odaiba Sea Side Park (Minato-ku)

●Organized by:  International Friendly Run Executive Committee 2012

NPO Active International Association (AMIA)

●Event Chairman:Murata Mitsuhei  (Former Ambassador of Japan in Switzerland)

●Sponsored by: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, The Minato-ku Board of Education.

●Theme: International exchange through running


1: To promote international exchange through running, a sport for people of all ages and nationalities and that requires a natural and safe environment.

2: As a charity event, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Great East Japan Earthquake relief effort.

3: To promote inter-embassy exchanges and networking, this event is open to embassy staff, affiliates. Same as “The inter-embassy Tokyo International Futsal Tournament” we held four times already, this event would encourage understanding among the members of AMIA and embassies, and appeal your country to the general public.


●Participants: Approximately 1,000 Japanese and foreign runner, embassy staff

●Course: Participants can choose either 5 km or 10km

●Awards: First, second, and third winners in each gender and age category.

Finish times will be recorded and all finishers will receive a certificate.

★How to register

Participants are required to register through the website below.

Registration for: The 2nd International Friendly Run (Runnet),

Registration fee: 4,500 yen for 10 km. 3,500 yen for 5 km (includes donation).



At the Opening ceremony will be attended by Mr. Kurt Tong, the Deputy Chief of Mission at the American embassy in Japan.

At this point in time, diplomats and some ambassadors from the following embassies will be taking part in the run:

U.S.A, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, India, Georgia, Iraq, Sudan, Panama, Finland, Venezuela, Mexico, Phillipine and Brunei.


It`ll be a great event and it`s being held for a very worthy cause.  Around Tokyo will be attending the event and we hope to see you there too.

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