Darwfish105 makes some amazing videos about Tokyo.  He makes such high quality work that I couldn`t resist putting up another.  This one shows a few different spots around the city that are all of high interest.  Included are the Hikarie department store in Shibuya as well as the famous crossing nearby, Tokyo Tower, the giant Gundam model in Odaiba, Ginza, Tokyo Skytree and Tokyo station.

The title of the video is, “Tokyo Nightscape 2012”, but I think it could also have been titled, “Tokyo – City of Light 2012”.  It really shows how light makes an impact on the city skyline.   The sheer amount of it that is produced after the sun goes down makes it look like the city is crowned with a glowing halo.  All the buildings, neon lights, along with all the cars on the freeways create a light show that continues until dawn.  I think Tokyo could also be known as the, “City of Light”.  The light show never stops.

If you want to see more of Darwinfish105`s work, you can see his blog page here.

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