What would you do if you were a singer performing at a big stadium and for some unknown reason, the power to your microphone goes out, leaving you absolutely stranded?  That happened to Misato Watanabe once, and she just continued on with the concert.  She has a big voice that can rival the best of them.  And apparently at that stadium, even the people at the back of the venue heard her very clearly.

Misato has always been one of my favourite singers in Japan.  She has a great voice and presents herself very well.  As far as I`m concerned she`s right up there with the other female musical legends of 1980s and 1990s (including Seiko Matsuda and Akina Nakamori).  Her concerts are so popular at her yearly Seibu baseball stadium that the rail company even has a special train to get her fans there.  I haven`t been to one, but hopefully one day…

And her biggest hit is our newest Song of the Week.  “My Revolution”, was released on January 22, 1986, and it reached the number one spot on the Oricon weekly charts.  You can see her (Japanese) website here.

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