For some reason I really can`t explain, I never listen to Angela Aki very much.  I don`t dislike her at all, quite the opposite as I think she is just great.  A great musician, a great singer and very good looking, but for some reason she never gets on my playlists regularly.  I really need to make an effort to listen to more of her music.  

Born in 1977 to a Japanese father and Italian-American mother, Angela debuted in 2000 according to Wiki.  She really is a pretty casual kind of person.  I cannot remember ever seeing her in anything but jeans, she must have a houseful of them.  And probably she has nearly as many numbered football jerseys.  To be honest I have seen her wear stuff other than numbered jerseys, but I definitely have only ever seen her in jeans.  I must admit that she does fit very nicely into them though!

She sings our new Song of the Week, “Tegami”.  It was released on September 17, 2008 and reached the number three spot on the Oricon charts.  You can see Angela`s official website here (and yes, … she is wearing a dress on it!!).

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