I`ve only ever known Yosui Inoue for this song, “Shonen Jidai”.  Rather strange I only know him for one song, considering that he produced so much music over the last 40 or 50 years.  He really has been extremely prolific, with something like 11 million albums sold and seven number one albums.  Plus not only singing, but lyricist and record producer.  And most importantly he always wears those dark glasses you see in the clip.  Seriously, Yosui`s never without them! 

“Shonen Jidai”, has been his biggest hit to date, coming from his fourteenth album, “Handsome Boy”.  Not only being his biggest hit, but it is probably one of the most well known songs in Japan from the 1990s.  When I think of Japanese pop music this is one of the songs that jumps to mind.  I love the song and Yosui`s distinctive voice.  The dark glasses look pretty cool too.  Released on September 21, 1990 it reached the number 4 spot on the Oricon charts.  You can see his official (Japanese) website here.

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