Hiromi Go, one of the legends of the Japanese music scene.  Born in 1955, he has been active ever since his debut in 1972.  1972 was a big year as it was the year that saw singers like Hideki Saijo and Goro Noguchi also debut.  Hiromi has effectively been on the, “Go”, for over forty years.  He really has had an incredible career.  And his changes of image have been just as incredible.  Not sure if any of you remember his debut, but who would have thought that the Hiromi of 1972 with curly hair would be the guy he turned out to be in the twenty-first century.

Incredible, is the only word I can think of to describe him.  Over the course of his career he`s released something like close to one hundred singles and over forty albums.  And the energy in the guy just never gives out.  Currently he`s fifty-eight and he leaves guys half his age behind in the dust.  He`s literally on the, “Go”, all the time.  In the 1980s he was also closely linked to super-idol Seiko Matsuda, but the rumours of a marriage never eventuated.  And he is also a very accomplished marathon runner having taken part in the Honolulu and New York marathons.

Hiromi`s song, “240 million eyes”, was his fiftieth single, released on February 25 1984.  It reached the number seven spot on the Oricon weekly charts.  You can see his (Japanese) website here.

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