As many of you know I’m a big fan of darwinfish105’s work on Youtube, but recently I’ve discovered another fantastic creator of videos about Tokyo,  Samurai Film Works.  The guy behind that company makes some really great stuff and his many of his videos seem to have a unique element to them in my opinion.  What is it you might be wondering?

Well, many of them use a camera stabilizer system, something that is not utilized a lot in Youtube videos (the ones I’ve been watching up to now anyway).  Basically, a camera stabilizer is a mount you hook your camera up to and carry around and makes the viewing experience so much smoother.  They cut out the shaking that comes with filming while hand holding a camera and moving around with it.  And the extra bonus is that they can give the viewer a sense of floating as the camera moves along.  Samurai Film Works has really mastered the skill of using this device, which I am extremely envious of!  And it is in this video, “TOKYO / EDO – steadicam / timelapse – Flycam C5 / GH3 GH2”, he shows the very best of those skills.  As he walks he works the mount and camera so flawlessly you’d be forgiven for thinking it was created by a full camera crew.  I just haven’t seen many Tokyo videos make use of them.


It is a superb video that showcases many famous places in Tokyo such as:

1)   Asakusa

2)   Ebisu Garden Place

3)   Hama-Rikyu Gardens

4)   Imperial Palace

5)   Marunouchi area

6)   Nakamise-dori

7)   rikshaws in the Shitamachi area

8)   Sensoji (Tokyo’s most famous temple, in Asakusa)

9)   Shiodome

10)  Statue of Liberty in Odaiba

11)  Tokyo Gate Bridge

12)  Tokyo International Forum in Marunouchi

13)  Tokyo Rainbow Bridge

14)  Tokyo Skytree

15)  Tokyo Station

16)  Tokyo Tower

17)  Tsukiji fish markets

The things that make it such an impressive piece is the music, in some parts its fast others its slow, it really melds with the how the video was shot.  And there are night scenes as well as day.  Actually, the night scenes shot around Sensoji are pretty incredible I think, so of the best in the video.  The other thing he does very well is mix some time-lapse into his work as well.  All in all, Samurai Film Works are very skilfully made and a pleasure to watch.  He really is a great ambassador for the city.

You can see his website that you can see here.


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