This weekend I visited Kameido-Tenjin again for the Wisteria Festival.  The weather was absolutely perfect.  Not too hot, not too cold, just right.  It really was a fantastic day, the flowers were a little short of their best, but they still looked great and their scent was delightful.  Plus that great weather brought out a large crowd to enjoy a great day out.

One of Kameido Tenjin's famous drum bridges

One of Kameido Tenjin’s famous drum bridges

If you have been to Kameido Tenjin or seen pictures about, you’ll know one of the things that make it famous are the drum bridges.  There are two of them, and they are quite high I think.  They offer the best vantage point from which to enjoy a good view of everything.  Of course everyone made a beeline for them, so that central path through the grounds of the shrine was quite crowded.  Another reason for it being crowded is that as schools have just started up again, many younger people could be seen praying at the main hall for academic success.  As this shrine is associated with Sugawara no Michizane you might want to read this article here to find out why so many younger people come.

To be honest, the wisteria weren’t quite at their best for my visit.  They fell just fractionally  short, but with the superb weather and good support from the carp and turtles in the ponds, it was still another great day out in Tokyo.  Plus I had a personal reason which made it a very exciting day for myself.

Tokyo Skytree is always visible from Kameido Tenjin

Tokyo Skytree is always visible from Kameido Tenjin

It was my first outing with my new camera, a Pentax K-3, which is an amazing camera and I’ll have a review of it here in a few weeks.  A great camera for a great event.  Hopefully my pictures have done the flowers justice.

I hope the Pentax K-3 has delivered some good shots for you.  If you have some feedback about the pictures I would love to hear it (good or bad!).  That feedback is very important as it can give me the information I need to improve.  Don’t be shy, so use that comment section below (but don’t worry your email addresses will not be used any nefarious purpose, registration is used to keep spammers away).

This is the second time Kameido Tenjin’s wisteria festival has featured on Around Tokyo though, so I think next year we’ll be headed somewhere different to have a look at the wisteria during spring.

Picture gallery of the 2014 Wisteria Festival



You can see our pictures from last year’s event and more information (about its history, location etc.) here.  Kameido Tenjin’s website can be seen here.

YouTube video about the Kameido Tenjin Wisteria Festival


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